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Watch and learn

I watched some birds hopping around my backyard this morning.

They were eating seeds, picking out grubs, doing their thing.

They had a playful nature.

Very curious, silly, almost as if they were teasing each other.

They would fly up into the trees, eat some seeds there.

Sing some songs to one another.

I was paying attention to their different frequencies.

The subtle vibrational differences.

I thought about the abundance that surrounded them.

Food all around.

Very few predators.

The magic life they were immersed in.

I spiraled out into thought.

I was thinking of the human species.

That many of us have a similar opportunity.

To live in curiosity.

Share our songs with one another.

Be playful, and enjoy our abundance.

I began to question- What gets in the way?

Anxiety is rising, fear is spreading like a disease.

Depression affects so many, suicide is still a relevant topic.

What is going on?

My mind connected to my upbringing.

Hours of advertisements.

Then it connected to my high school marketing classes.

The information I have learned from marketing masters.

Pain point focused.

Talking to the audience to put a finger in the wounds of not enough.





I thought about the impacts of the news.

How so many of us have been trained to have this constant connection to our survival mechanisms, even when we are not in situations of survival.

I am really zooming in on this.

As a writer, as a teacher, as a facilitator, as a coach.

I want to be in service to the frequency of these birds.

The curiosity, the playfulness, the sharing.

Those birds are survivors.

They live amongst the wild outdoors.

They get their meals for themselves every day.

They find water.

They are not weak, and yet they have the tender playfulness of a youngster.

I see this possibility for humans.

We can be fierce.

Know how to survive.

Take care of our needs.

As well as have this magical lust for life.

This feeling is gaining momentum inside of me.

I am excited to share it with the world.

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