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In the last 24 hours, it has hit me once more how important play is.

Not just activities or experiences, but a way of perceiving life.

A life without play is like stagnant water.

When I detach from play I feel myself move into a heavy place.

I truly believe we are here to play.

This whole human experience is just for fun.

Quantum souls, infinite energies, just here for juicy experiences.

Ultimately I believe all of it is play.

Even the pain, the suffering, the loneliness, the depression.


I am speaking to everyone but today I want to call out the men.

So many of us get the pressure of seriousness.

Be a man.

Get a job.

Make money.

Raise a family.

And it all has to be serious.

Pushing, forcing, achieving, grinding.

Don’t even think about being silly.

So often being drunk is the only place playfulness is allowed.

I have been a bit lost ever since I left the mountains.

I have not been able to create a life that feels like that level of play.

But what I am focused on is my perceptions, instead of what I am doing.

Can I bring play into everything?

While I write this can I feel a playfulness?

While I work with clients can I feel spunky and enjoy it?

Pickleball, Basketball, Dancing, Surfing, all of these activities have been supporting me in remembering what play feels like, but ultimately I know it is a way of experiencing all life.

We are on a big giant rock floating through outer space.

Every moment is such a miracle.

Get out there and play this weekend.

Do fun things that connect you to your playful spirit.

Work on bringing that frequency into all that you do.

At the end of the day, we are just surfing a wave called life.

And I believe we can learn to find enjoyment in every aspect of the process.

Who’s with me?

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