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Hanging out in Haines Alaska


“In this interconnected universe every improvement we make in our private world improves the world at large for everyone. We all float on the collective level of consciousness of mankind. So that any increment we add comes back to us. We all add to our common buoyancy by our efforts to benefit life. It is a scientific fact what is good for you is good for me. “

    David R. Hawkins   


Understanding the inner workings of human beings has been a subject that has influenced me from the beginnings of cognitive function. I had no idea I was being groomed to create impact in a world that struggles to understand themselves.  

My fathers presence in my life was one of the biggest influences that led me to personal growth and development. He was labeled Bi polar / schizophrenic before I was born, and he was on a serious journey to heal in a way that western medicine did not address. He had a strong intuition that taking pills the rest of his life was not a sustainable answer for a happy, healthy, well rounded life for him. Because of this influence I was reading books about mental health, manifestation, meditation, awareness, success, leadership, spirituality, creating my own reality, and the complex inner workings of human beings for as long as I can remember.

I also found myself amongst groups of people getting together to talk about their emotions, their traumas, and learning how to create new ways of existing. Mind, emotions, and energy were a normal topic in daily conversations. My father was deeply involved with several movements that encouraged men to blossom into living not shut off from or suppressing their feeling experience. This was my perspective of reality from a very early age- there is endless depth to this existence as these beings on this planet, and it is worthy of my exploration. I would find my way back into working with men through a organization titled the Mankind Project. I world wide group with over 70,000 members. In the last 5 years I have been committed to supporting men on their path to heal their trauma and integrate the past.

I have also embarked on a journey outside of MKP as I see the importance of gender being something we can set aside. There are many organizations for men and women to work separately. I see a momentum growing of masculine and feminine doing work together. Men helping women access their sacred masculine energies and women helping men access their sacred feminine energies. My family and I hold weekend retreats where all genders come together and dive into the depths of this human experience.


If it were not for my love of nature I would not be on this path of guidance, leadership, and coaching. For almost two decades my biggest concern was chasing the best snow conditions I could find anywhere in the world. I had a very privileged life and was lost within my personal perspectives. I was an adventure junky. I only cared about how I could fulfill my wildest dreams. Over the years of spending so much time in nature there was a natural development to care deeply for every aspect of it. I used my professional snowboard platform to make documentaries on the impact of my adventures. Focusing on fossil fuel consumption, the creation of waste, and the impacts of the gear we used to enjoy the outdoors. I have published stories on environmental impact in 5 countries and in 3 different languages. That period in my life became a dark time as I was lost in the misery I found within our global impact as human beings. For years I was angry about how people were living, what they were unaware of, and why no one was doing anything about it. I felt guilt, shame, fear sadness, and I masked it with anger. 

It all changed when I looked around and started to see how our societal system had set so many of us up for failure. I witnessed how lost everyone was, including myself. I realized it was impossible for me to expect people to care about the environment when they very clearly did not care about themselves. I was one of these people. Watching violence and drama. Drinking alcohol regularly. Smoking cigarettes. Trying to buy happiness through consumerism and ownership. It hit me. . . I came around full circle. I started to see the trauma, the wounds, the pain, the suffering behind all of the actions. The unconscious behaviors. The patterns. The lack of control. It became so clear. I am finding my place as a part of human evolution. 


Have you ever thought to yourself- "There has got to be more to life than this!" Do you ever notice stories that repeat I am not good enough, I don't deserve this, I can't do it. Do you sometimes feel unloveable, un safe, unworthy? I have been dedicated to peeling back the layers of my own stories that perpetuate unconsciously. The implanted beliefs that keep me small and repeat life experiences that leave me feeling like a victim to the world happening to me.

Those stories are coming to a close. I want to lead you on a path that creates conscious separation from the ghosts of your past. The imperfect parents, the less than ideal teachers, the lack of wisdom that left you doing your best to get by. The truth is we don't have to live our lives scrambling to fill bottomless voids. 

I am committed to raising the vibration of all beings on this planet. Until I breathe my last breath I will be making every bit of effort I can to share what I have learned on my path. To lead those that have not been as fortunate as myself to get an education focused on what it means to be a human being. What dreams can I help you obtain? What obstacles can I guide you to dismantling? Who would you be with out your traumas and wounds of the past directing your compass? Let's find out together. 

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