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How you relate with MONEY:

Money today represents the ability to move away from pain and the ability to move toward pleasure. Our two most basic survical reactions to life

Most people today are constantly obsessing about what they need to DO to make money, but they are not focused on where it is coming from. They are not aware that their thoughts, their beliefs, their circumstantial past, dictates their every action when they are trying to make money. 

I grew up with the teaching that money is bad. It is the root of all evil. And until I worked with those beliefs it wouldn't matter how hard I worked, It would always be a struggle. 


In this training we focus on how you relate with money. Every dollar you spend. Every dollar you earn. What do you think, feel, sense, in that exchange?

The truth is we are each hardwiring our future with money each time we make a transaction. 

By bringing awareness to how we relate with money we can change EVERYTHING. 

We can change how we make money, we can change how it feels, we can change the ease of it coming into our lives. And most of all, we can change our perspectives of the richness of our life. 

And when we do, more and more money will start to come to us. 

This is a 3 months group training. We meet weekly on zoom. 

Message me for more information. 


Commit yourself to creating a version of yourself that you have never met before. Know that there is a potential version of you that exists and is powerful beyond your wildest imagination. And know that you meet that version of you by letting go of who you believe you are. Seperate from your outdated habits and beliefs. Together we will dive into the stories that are directing your life, and creating your future through habitual behavior.

28 day Masculine Mastery training

Sexual Empowerment for Males

Testosterone is one of our most greatest gifts as men. But we live in a time where it has been out of control for thousands of years. Leading to destruction, pain, and suffering. So many men today are trapped in loops that keep them out of their power. 

Men today are not taught how to embody their sexual empowerment. They do not know how to be with the testosterone that runs through their vanes. Most men their sexuality overpowers them. It takes over their minds and their bodies. Has them acting unconsciously and feeling unfulfilled.  

How can a man know how to be with this level of power if he has never been taught, if he has never trained with this sexual hormone. It is nearly impossible. 

In this training I take you through a month long journey. Focused on education, practices, sobriety, and taking a deep look at what is playing out in your life. I will pass you teaching that I have spent tens of thousands of dollars to acquire. 

After 25 years of sitting in circles and listening to men there is one thing I know- Sex is important to us. And until we work with this energy we will be hiding in the shadows, afraid of our power. 

It is time to step into the light. 

It is time to step into our power. 



There is no greater investment than personal development and self-improvement. . . There is nothing else you can spend money on that you will utilize 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the rest of your life. Your perspectives, your emotional awareness, a solid foundation that leaves you less reactive and more optimistic, is priceless. You will be with your thoughts and your feelings for the rest of your life in every waking and sleeping moment. You either learn to escape or transform. 

1-on-1 coaching is proven to change lives consistently. The best athletes in the world have coaches. The top performers have coaches. If someone is great at something, it is almost guaranteed they have at least one coach, most likely several. That is the beauty of today, each of us can have a personal coach that supports us in creating a life that we desire. I am a coach to help push through the blockages, and into your potential. 

This guidance leads you to create the life you have been dreaming of. Manifestation is one of our most godly traits as human beings. To think of something we want, visualize it, take action, and create it in our reality is nothing short of a miracle. The pyramids of Egypt, the Mayan temples, electric cars, and shuttles in outer space have come to fruition from this ability. 

Don't wait another day to sift out the old habits that no longer serve you. Greater self-awareness leads to clearer choices, and focused creation. Imagine what you could create with the silence of self-limiting beliefs. . .

It's time for you to find out. 


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