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There is no greater investment than personal development and self-improvement. . . There is nothing else you can spend money on that you will utilize 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the rest of your life. Your perspectives, your emotional awareness, a solid foundation that leaves you less reactive and more optimistic, is priceless. You will be with your thoughts and your feelings for the rest of your life in every waking and sleeping moment. You either learn to escape or transform. 

1-on-1 coaching is proven to change lives consistently. The best athletes in the world have coaches. The top performers have coaches. If someone is great at something, it is almost guaranteed they have at least one coach, most likely several. That is the beauty of today, each of us can have a personal coach that supports us in creating a life that we desire. I am a coach to help push through the blockages, and into your potential. 

This guidance leads you to create the life you have been dreaming of. Manifestation is one of our most godly traits as human beings. To think of something we want, visualize it, take action, and create it in our reality is nothing short of a miracle. The pyramids of Egypt, the Mayan temples, electric cars, and shuttles in outer space have come to fruition from this ability. 

Don't wait another day to sift out the old habits that no longer serve you. Greater self-awareness leads to clearer choices, and focused creation. Imagine what you could create with the silence of self-limiting beliefs. . .

It's time for you to find out. 

Individuation training

 1-ON-1 for 1 hour each week. 

There is an experience that most of us share as young adults. When the time was right we moved out of our parent's house and became an "adult." In this transition, there were many beliefs we took on as our own that were passed down by those that influenced us. We may have left the house, the city, or even the country we grew up in but we brought a lot of our past with us.


This complete training involves a 1-hour call every week for 9 weeks. The conversation places my undivided attention onto your life, your stories, your beliefs. The subject matter for this process and the questions you will encounter draw out the stories that can dictate your path unconsciously.


The 9 weeks we spend together flow through a series of subject matters that impact our daily lives as human beings.

  • Awareness and Observation

  • Thought patterns

  • Emotional patterns

  • Integration

  • Human Needs

  • Connection

  • Self-love

  • Manifestation

  • Integration

This 9-week program is about creating new habits that leave you in a position of choice. Instead of being at the whim of a perpetual pattern within the unconscious mind you will step into awareness and observation. You will begin to notice patterns playing out. Stories that may be undermining your biggest dreams, and your highest potential.


Start the path of Individuation from your outdated habits and beliefs. Lean into creating control and choice in your life. Together we will dive into the stories that may be directing your life, and creating your future through habitual patterns created from your life experience.


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