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The quantifiable value of valuing self

I was recently working with a client that had a breakthrough in the department of SELF VALUE.

It came from a realization that expanded within a single moment.

Together we had been looking deeply at wounds and shadows of their past.

Un-pleasurable experiences that had been tucked away as a safety precaution of the subconscious.


Stories and beliefs had spawned and were existing within the unconscious.

This kind of stirring with clients can be tricky, never knowing what is going to come up.

I think fear gets triggered as perceived pain and that is why most people stay away from what has been hidden away to be dealt with later.

I am thankful for my teachers that empowered me to be confident as I continually see the value that comes from pushing this comfort zone.

Sometimes it takes just the right question, at just the right time.

We had all the ingredients stirring in the pot.

Questions, curiosity, a strong container, trust in one another.

It seemed as if it came out of nowhere but I know that is not true.

It was a culmination of a lot of moments strung together.

But in that second I could see in their eyes, it landed with clarity.

They were fighting for VALUE.

Like a little boy or girl with hopes of unconditional love.

Maybe if I act a certain way, my parents will love me.

If I behave just right. If I do the right things. If I give myself endlessly. Others will LOVE me.

It was showing up everywhere.

At work.

In relationship.

With friends.


With self.

It was creating problems to be dealt with across the board.

They were piling up.

Anxiety, depression, and grief could easily be linked to this programed belief.

At that moment it all changed.

They decided, no more.

I saw it in their face. It was breathtaking to watch it ripple out.

In the coming weeks, they would quit their high-paying job with no plan, a leap into the unknown.

In what seemed like no time, they had a new job offer.

There was diversity amongst their coworkers- a dream come true for them.

They talked and connected on subjects they enjoyed with fellow employees.

In the first month, hard times came and their boss showed them what it feels like to be valued.

It was a dream come true, and the new job paid 40% more

It rippled out from a single moment.

Like the big bang.

A complete altering of reality.

It continues to ripple out with more and more life-changing decisions.

This was not a coincidence.

This was from commitment.

Showing up day after day.

Trusting in the guidance inward to observe and be aware.

A find tuned presence and knowledge of self.

I believe that the most important tool for a healthy life filled with enjoyment is a commitment to introspection. Daily habits of observing ourselves.

This is why I am creating a community that is committed to creating and sustaining these practices.


Now open for applications- DM or comment and I will follow up.

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