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Self Love


I set myself up for a stretch recently.

A love letter to self.

One that took me out of my comfort zone.

Made me feel funny to share.

I believe that many of us are taught to focus on what is not perfect about ourselves. Part of growing up in a world run by consumerism.

I think it is vitally important to start bringing in practices that promote love and acceptance of self.

This is not a one time thing.

Over and over and over again we practice.

Here is my stretch, I encourage you to sit down and write a love letter to yourself.

If you are feeling bold than share it with others and encourage them.


Something I completely love about myself is my smile. It brings me happiness to see it on my face. I feel extra satisfaction never having braces or a retainer. This is my god given smile.

I love the amount of energy I have to share with other people. Focusing on loving myself in a way that creates an abundant over flow for others.

I love how unique my body is. Vitiligo spots, sway back, and my pelvic bowl that faces more toward the ground. I think it reminds me of my wild ancestry. That I would probably run on all fours pretty well. This vessel has taken me some wild places! So much love for this body.

I love my willingness to learn. The drive I have to become the best version of myself, and part of that being so I can share with others. I deeply desire to share wisdom that has helped me become a more empowered individual.

I love my mind for the unique way it experiences the world.

I love my courage. My willingness to step into the unknown and trust that the divine will support me. My belief in myself, that I will do what it takes. I can face scary things and hold it together. I love that I enjoy extreme situations.

I love the playfulness that courses through my veins. Wherever I came from, whatever makes the truer “me” is so very curious. I love the way I look at the stars in the night sky. The way I drink up the sunset. There is a special play to me, I enjoy seeing it reverberate into others.

This message is a stretch. It is an attempt to normalize adoring ourselves. Sharing our love for self with the world. A hopeful bonus of encouraging others to do the same. Not in a way of masking, or hiding our insecurities. But too honestly see and feel parts of ourself that we love.

The discomfort can be in sharing it. For others to read.

That is what makes it so fun.

I believe the world taught me to play small.

I believe the world taught me to not be too bright.

I believe the world taught me to fit in.

I believe the world taught me to focus on all the ways I should be better.

I believe the world taught me to not love myself.

Teachings are resurfacing. Ones that open us up to seeing our beauty. The divinity in each of us. Seeing ourselves as the miracles that we are. You don’t have to have a mind with out negative self talk to make time for self love. I am still hard on myself at times. But for this message I am celebrating what I love.

If this landed for you I encourage you to share, or write one of your own. Write one that you can keep for yourself or share. If this feels uncomfortable just know that you are growing. The discomfort is the unconscious sensation of expansion. Keep going.

As I learn to love myself more, I have more to share.

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