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I came into this world with enjoyment as a natural ability.

A superpower.

It wasn’t an ego structure formed through my time here on earth, I came in with it.

My mom has always told me how happy I was as a baby.

It was apparent I loved living here on earth.

Just hanging out and enjoying the ride. Eating snacks. Laughing and smiling at the world around me.

What a fucking blessing . . .

If there is one thing I have come to learn it is that enjoying life is a treasure.

The hook- we can train our minds, we can alter our perspectives, and rewire our beliefs for a more pleasurable life.

We can remember.

One other thing that has become vividly clear, this life on earth is a gift.

Even the pain, even the displeasure, even the things that I don’t like.

Trust me I have wallowed in despair and suffering.

Addiction in many forms. Lost in many dense thoughts.

Each moment if I can become really aware of what is going on, I find myself surrounded by blessings.

One of my favorite things to think about is that we live on a massive lava rock corkscrewing around a giant burning orb magnetizing us through infinite space. We still don’t have the intelligence to understand an atom that makes up everything. Every life experience is some form of vibrational energy being interpreted through different sensations.


All of it.

The deeper I go, the more I see it. This life, and each one of us- miracles.

In a world surrounded by people trying to make money off of our fear, it is easy to lose sight. Those that grew up exposed to advertisements and news on TVs, tablets, or phones, have been hardwired with fear before we had a functional brain.

We are programmed to see what isn’t good enough.

Where we fall short.

To never be satisfied or content.

Where life falls short.


It is time to step into our personal power.

No more being a victim to our upbringing.

No more continuing the perpetual patterns and beliefs.

Opening up to the infinite wisdom available in this moment.

It is time to sit back in the driver's seat and determine the destination.

This is the official opening of a new group training- REVIVAL.

If you want to be a part of a community focused on living a more vibrant, exuberant, and fulfilling life, this is a knock on your door.

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