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DEATH. . . The edge of comfort zones tickle at the parts that warn us of pain and displeasure. The feelings that point toward no longer existing. The edge of every comfort zone grabbing at us to focus on continual existence. It is a protection mechanism to invite us back into the shallow end of the pool. “You don’t know what’s out there!” Better to be safe and stay right here where you can touch the bottom.

The safety mechanisms can not know how painful it is to be a stagnant human. Variety, uncertainty, adventure, exploration, growth, transformation. These are needs requiring our attention as well. The safety mechanisms can not know how the familiar comfort zones are formed. Abuse can be a comfort zone. Drama can be a comfort zone. Grief can be a comfort zone. Isolation can be a comfort zone.

Comfort zones form through repetition. They do not form to serve our highest potential of creation. A chain reaction of inner mechanisms to meet external stimuli. The chemicals making their way through the bloodstreams. Hormones in the body. The stimulation inside of the mind. The electrochemical information in the nervous system.

Letting these inner mechanisms control our destiny may encourage a different kind of death they don’t know how to protect us from. Imagine if the caterpillar never came out of the cocoon for fear of what it was like outside. The discomfort of metamorphosis was too much to bear. What wonder we would lose in this world.

Discomfort can be a very clear sign of growth. Like a snake shedding its skin, we also go through the process of expansion.

Leaning into that which brings up fear, worry, and doubt can be a great habit to establish. Comfort and safety are not a representation of vibrant life. More so bi-products of simply being at the edge of surviving. But thriving is so much more than comfort and safety. Vibrant life is developed through a persistent commitment to LIVING.

For each of us, we have a unique path at finding these comfort zones and continuing with courage. This is much easier with support. This is much easier in community. To be seen, to be encouraged, to be held accountable.

I am creating an online community that will be focused on expansion. Revival is for those that want to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of this miraculous life. More info in this video below.

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