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My Father's Son

A big announcement and sneak peak from behind the scenes.

My father and I are teaming up to create a podcast.

There are so many sons in this world that did not have a father in the house.

For many that did have fathers in their house it was a nightmare.

Coming together is a hope to spread this sacred masculine energy with the world.

Father and Son

The kind of masculine that is not only fierce, and action oriented, but also sweat, caring, and in touch with their emotional intelligence.

Integrity of mind, body, heart, and soul.

Happy Fathers day to all you amazing dads out there.

You are a beacon of hope.

More to come about this new adventure.

Letter from my father.

J. Wood

Tue 7/15/2008 8:36 PM

To: Ean Wood

Ian my beloved son....

My thoughts are floating in the sunshine of my love for you today.

So many joyful memories come.... as I review the movies in my mind.

Seeing your smile and your brilliant spirit.... glowing like a warm bed of coals... in the dark of night.... gives me goose bumps... and brings tears of Joy to my eyes.

You are such a blessing in my life Ian.

I wish and want for you to receive the deepest blessings that life has to offer. The treasure of gifts... that I long for you to hold... are in your own heart. Your own soul.

God has blessed you my son... with a profound wisdom that few ever find.

The search is often obscured by its simplicity.

The mind wants to unravel something very complicated. It is confused when it discovers that an open heart can hold the mystery of it all.... like a beam of light... in the night sky. Love will never be found under a microscope. Never analyzed and dissected. It is so beautiful... so all encompassing.... so magical...and yet so simple.

What an awakening.... to see this at such a young age.

How awesome to watch you grow into the spiritual being that you truly are.... without a wasted life... of chasing false dreams.... to recover from. I can't help but wonder... about the Man that will stand before me at age 80. How enlightened can a man become? How full of Joy and life can a heart be? I imagine streams of light.... beaming from your eyes... and people gathered around just to be near you.

Visions of your spirit have filled me today.

I love you so much Ian.

I hope you are having a good time... and enjoying every moment.

Don't eat too much of that Crab and Salmon.... or you'll end up lookin like yer fat ol Pop.

I love you my son, your grateful Father

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