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For the love of two fathers

I just finished watching the Disney movie Onward.

It is a story about a boy named Ian.

A boy that is born into what was once a magical world with dragons and wizards.

By the time Ian is born, convenience and technology have put a fog over the

awe and wonder of magic.

They no longer see the point of casting spells or making potions.

This young boy gets encouraged to go on a magical quest to meet his father who died before he was born.

But it is going to require him to learn how to harness his magical abilities.

He longs for his father in a time of his life when he is trying to find himself.

Trying to find his confidence.

He so deeply wants to have guidance from the father he never met.

As I write this my eyes slightly sting from the tears that I have allowed to flow.

With each continual year, I am learning to adore the emotions that are expressed in response to something as simple as a children’s movie. Feelings I used to push down from my mind telling stories of how that wasn’t something worthy of feeling. I am noticing my emotional progression through being able to feel the joy and sadness in a children’s cartoon.

I can not help but think of how blessed my life has been.

I have had not one, but two loving fathers in my life.

Two fathers whose personalities were quite different.

Their differences were a beautiful blend for me to receive as a son.

Having been connected to men’s sacred circles for such a long time I know the longing that exists in this world for a present and loving father.

The father-son relationship is priceless.

I can so clearly see the ripple effects of fatherless homes.

Dads that are physically, emotionally, or mentally, absent.

Men that did not have the examples to lead them to be a balanced man in their childs’ life.

So I want to publicly tip my hat to these men.

Jeffrey Wood and Joeseph Lee.

In a world that so few show up, thank you for being there for me.

If I have ever impacted your life in any way I want you to know that these two men, working together- even if at times they didn’t know- were a cornerstone for who I am today.

The man that I have become.

I would not be who I am if it were not for these two men.

And In a world that is so quick to point out toxic masculinity and poor fathers, I want to raise my glass and honor good fathers.

I honor you both for what you had to face to be there for a little boy.

And I want to honor any of the other fathers out there that showed up for sons.

I believe healthy and present fathers can change the world.

This is an expression of love.

Thank you for being there for me and loving me.

Also a call for any of you fathers out there. Biological, step, or even just in the fatherly role.

See yourself.

Celebrate your successes.

Learn from where you judge you fall short.

Love yourself.

Heal your parental wounds of the past so they do not get passed down any further.

Set yourself up for success so that you can be a part of shaping the future of

this world with love and wisdom.

If you have a loving relationship with your father, know that you are blessed and one of the lucky ones.

Love on them.

Let them know how much you appreciate them.

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