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Feeling overwhelm?

Take a deep breath. Get yourself to become as present in the moment as you possibly can. Listen to sounds around you. Feel your feet on the ground. If inside step outside. Listen to your breath, feel your lungs expanding and contracting. Focus the mind on what is happening around you. This is best achieved by tuning into the senses.

Overwhelm is an experience that builds as a bi product of a busy mind that is unorganized. It is a feeling that comes from juggling too much at once. Most commonly the thoughts lack structure, bouncing from one thing to the next. The sensation can pick up momentum with every lap around in a thought circle. Feeling the weight of everything that is being held.

Make a few structured lists. Get clear on priorities.

Get all that you are holding in order.

To do’s. Feelings. Fears. Doubts. Worries.

Be honest with yourself and ask how soon you really need to address each one.

Start with the next 6 hours. Then the next 12. Then the next 24.

Just this process of separating and getting clear can help you to not hold it all at once.

Select the amount of time based upon the amount of overwhelm you feel.

Maybe it needs to be the next 30 minutes, the next 2 hours, the next 6 hours.

After you get your thoughts and feelings organized you only have to hold the things that you need to get done within these selected time slots, not all of them at once.

You can even set a timer and pick up your list for the next rounds after it has gone off. Completely relieving yourself from holding them in your mind for that amount of time.

To finish the process become best friends with the present moment. Tell yourself you are safe. You are going to be fine. You always figure it out. BREATHE. 5 seconds in, 5 seconds out. This tells your nervous system that everything is safe. When we take short breathes the nervous system prepares us for action.

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