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Feeling Anger?

First of all, it is okay to feel anger.

What we are going to focus on is what to do with it.

Anger is a very vibrant energy, it’s useful, but it needs somewhere to flow in a healthy way.

If we bottle it up it will only wait to come out uncontrollably.

Like a cork shooting into the sky.

Is there some lingering anger within you?

Maybe anger is a triggering word. Try frustration, upset, annoyance, or outrage.

What is this feeling telling you?

Do you need to take action, speak your truth, set boundaries, or find acceptance?

Whatever the answer, anger needs movement, and it can be healthy.

I believe as a society we teach people to suppress it until it can no longer be held in.

That is why we see so much anger in unhealthy expressions.

I recommend not waiting for the cork to blow- Move your body, move your breath, move your voice, move your energy, as a scheduled practice.

Run, Punch some pillows, Scream, find a video on YouTube that guides you through a breathing session. Sometimes I just run in place really fast. Or karate chop the air.

It has actually become quite fun for me. At times I can end up laughing by the end.

Step out of your comfort zone. This may feel funny. We live in a society that I judge as terrible at feeling anger and expressing it in a healthy way. If you feel abnormal, you’re on the right path.

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