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Updated: Jun 11, 2021

Part of being a human on this planet right now is having an ego.

Interestingly enough I grew up in a society that never taught anything about it other than- “Don’t be egotistical.” This feels the same in my mind as don’t celebrate yourself.

The ego is a subject with a lot to chew on.

Teachings that span thousands of years and across cultures all over the world.

I don’t even remember if it was mentioned in public schools.

I feel like it would have been good to focus on something we deal with every second of every day.

I’ve spent countless hours talking to my father, reading books, listening to podcasts, and watching movies that focus on the ego. This is some of what I have learned.

The ego allows us to function within reality on planet earth.

You may have heard before, it is like a program.

If I didn’t know where my body ended, and something else began, it would be hard to interact with anything or anyone.

A big mess of energy swishing around within other pools of energy.

I can see that I would miss out on a lot of fun without me ending somewhere and something else beginning elsewhere.

One of the ego’s most important jobs is to locate separation.

Me here, a danger there.

Me here, safety there.

Me here, you there.

Me here, Fun there.

Me here, a thing I want there.

Without it as a program in our mind, we would not be able to differentiate ourselves from anything else.

It is easy to see it is very necessary, and a very important tool.

Like other tools, the ego is good for particular tasks, not all tasks.

What is not optimal is letting this program control our perspective 24 hours a day.

We would only be living with our attention on separation.

Part of the evolutionary process that as a species we seem to be stuck at.

There is an obsession with separation.

With the ego leading all the time we miss the deeper reality that exists, we are connected to infinite energy every single moment of the day.

Each breath- a connection to nature. The plants, the trees.

Each heartbeat- a connection to a healthy body.

Supported by food that has ties to countless hands, plants, and animals.

Each moment- all the elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire

Each thought- a connection to experiences, books, movies, teachers that influenced us.

Each article of clothing.- A connection to people and nature. Hands, minds, hearts, plants, animals all over the world.

Separation is actually more of an illusion than connection.

But the ego is really good at its job. It is very convincing that I am alone in this big world.

Connection is the deeper reality.

I would not be alive for another moment without my consistent connection to infinite life.

The best thing about this understanding, it is merely a perspective change.

With mental training, the ego can once again become a tool.

It isn’t like you need to orchestrate all of reality to adhere to this want for connection.

You simply need to tune in, and you can do this as much as you like.

Curiously look at yourself right now.

Find the connection that exists but is below conscious awareness.

Take a breath- where are the nearest plants or trees near you? Thank them.

What are your clothes? Cotton? Polyester?

Feel a connection to plants and humans.

Last meal you ate? Plants - Animals?

Where might have the food come from?

Can you picture people working, giving their life force energy to get you food on your plate?

Who are your parents? You may not like them, you may love them, either way, you are connected to them as they have provided this opportunity of life.

Connection exists around us, and in us, every single moment.

Each breath. Each meal. Each interaction can be a reminder of this deeper truth.

This knowing, this feeling, is our birthright.

Each day give yourself the gift of intentionally connecting more deeply with yourself, nature, and others in your life.

If you would like to be more connected to yourself, others and the world around you join my habit share community. Habit share is an app. designed to support us in creating new habits. Step into a daily practice of observation and awareness of yourself. I will cheer you on your new journey. My QR code is below to easily find me on there.

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