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Grand Children

To my dear Grand Children. . .

I’m up here at our cabin shuffling through the many years of dusty memories, getting the place tidied up for the holidays. As you know I started coming here way before your parents were even born. I was moving some old boxes today and stumbled upon a book of photos from when I was your parents age. Forgotten times in what feels like a dreamland to me now. It has stopped me in my process and the wheels are turning inside my head like gears in an old clock, reflecting on how things used to be. As I gaze out the window water pours from the sky and flows down the rivers. This time of year it used to be magical in these mountains. Fluffy white flakes would fall from the sky filling the hills and forrest, creating a wonderful place for imagination and dreams of all kinds. I have shared many stories of this cabin blanketed in snow, but I have never told you the details of how it once was.

I used to spend all my time here in the winter season, living with friends and adventuring in the snow filled wilderness on a daily basis. Chasing our wildest dreams of endless possibilities. We would wake up here every morning, peer out the windows and see how much snow had fallen on the ground. It was like an endless christmas that came day after day. Stirring in our beds and struggling to sleep, in anticipation of a big storm. We were what some used to call “powder hounds”, on a never ending search for the best snow and the most amazing terrain to ride down. It was our world and it consumed our every waking thought. Hitting jumps, flying off cliffs, going as fast as we could, and just enjoying the beauty of the winter wonderland. We lost touch with the “real world” and enjoyed the simple things around us. Nature was one of our best friends. We were living in a little bubble while the world outside of the mountains was changing, more rapidly than we realized.

The world no longer worried about necessities and focused on the never ending list of wants and wishes. It seemed that over stimulation and an endless void of satisfaction left the majority of the people constantly wanting for more. Society as a whole became gobbled up by consumerism and lost touch with the natural world around. That world was what provided everything, and still does to this day. When we finally opened our eyes to notice the environment changing around us, it was too late. The oceans and land were filled with plastic and garbage. The air was starting to become too dirty to breathe. Money had become a strong obsession and the people were blinded to the consequences. Humanity seemed to have forgotten how connected we all were to this planet. The first ones to cry out were the ones that stayed connected to the outdoors. Coming together to plea to the world “open your eyes!” . . . “we can’t continue down this dead end road!” but the cries were not heard. Perhaps we did not yell loud enough. Consumption continued on schedule as people were hypnotized by an illusion of “The more you have the happier you will be!” The eco system was strong but could not handle the devastation of man.

Some still argue to this day that the earth changed at its own natural pace. I cannot buy the lie, when deep down , I know better. I witnessed with my own eyes billions of people, including myself, treating this planet like their private garbage can. How stupid were we to think we could burry all of our garbage, full of toxic chemicals, in the land? How stupid were we to think we could fill the sky with a cocktail of pollution? How stupid were we to think we could live so out of harmony with mother nature and everything would just be okay? I guess I am writing this letter to say I am sorry. I am sorry I was part of a generation too confused and blind to make things happen sooner. We should have filled the streets and demanded change. Divest from fossil fuels, stop the over production of plastics, demand packaging to be biodegradable, quit driving our cars so aimlessly, as if it was our privilege. We forget that every breathe of air, every drop of water, connects us to every living being on this planet. We have handed down a poisoned planet to the generations that will follow.

The snow levels are too high now for you to enjoy the beauty that I once took for granted. These photos are all I have left of a world so very different from the one you know. One of these days we will go to the high altitude mountains to experience the wonderful winter world I once new and loved. When you kids come up for the holidays I will tell you more about the beautiful snowy mountains that used to be much more a part of our world. As the rain patters against the windows I am reminded that life is filled with lessons, I just wish that we didn’t have to learn this one the hard way. I love everyone of you my dear grandchildren. I hope that some day you can forgive our generation for our ignorant ways. I look forward to seeing you soon.

All of my love,

Grandpa Wood

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