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Dropping In: The inconvenience of easy and convenient.

This month we officially celebrate the EARTH! Thank you planet earth for all the bountiful gifts that you share with us. What a treat to live on this floating molten rock floating through space. What a gift to be able to enjoy the outdoors. I try my best to celebrate the earth every single day as it is a source of infinite gratitude. I work with companies like Zeal because they share values that I align with.

The focus for Dropping In today: Looking inside for another way to prevent plastic from making its way to the ocean. As humans, there is a deep connection between our minds, our emotions, and the impact that we create on this planet.

We are complex beings. . . Our perceived needs have expanded much further than food, water, air, and shelter. Our brains are very good at imagining a unique reality that feels like truth for every one of us. Complex stories exist in this imaginary world of the mind. Coinciding with all of our beliefs, all of our stories, are chemicals that are released into our bloodstreams. The chemicals trigger more thoughts, emotions, and bring to life body sensations. Based upon how it feels inside of us we then go towards more of the things that give us pleasure and away from the experiences that give us displeasure.

We are energy alchemists. Consuming many forms of it and transforming it into something else. Energy makes its way into us through our mouths, our ears, our eyes, our bodies. The vibrations come in, and we send energetic ripples back into the world. It becomes something else. Our words, our actions, our presence, the way we behave, are all the transmutation of energy consumed.

“Ean, what the heck does this have to do with plastic in the ocean?”

All habits start with a cue, a trigger, some sort of stimulation. What is happening outside of us in connection to how we feel inside about it. Feeling a certain way triggers a habit that is known to change the internal feeling. A lot of the habits that get created are consumption-based. Eating, scrolling, watching, changing location, drinking, buying, ETC.

It happens so subtly it can be hard to notice. A feeling inside arises, a coping mechanism to feel a different way gets created, and the brain and body get hooked on the reward system = chemicals dumped into the body which creates a different feeling.

It is easy to see that I eat lots of food to change the way I feel. It is easy to see that I power a lot of electronics to stimulate myself into feeling. I can very easily see I drink different beverages to change what I am experiencing inside. I can easily see I travel places to get big hits of pleasurable sensations. I can see I buy things in an attempt to feel different inside. Each of these triggers that end in consumption has a measurable ripple effect on the world around me. Most things available for consumption these days have plastic in, on or, around them. Our lack of awareness internally has a massive impact on planet earth.

Just this awareness is enough to shift things. On top of it, we can add action. More time getting familiar with how we feel inside. Moment by moment. More hours spent educating ourselves on how we function as human beings. Applying that knowledge to our own human experience. More time expressing ourselves so that our emotions do not become a cue for consumption.

Yes, I believe we need policies. Yes, I believe we need companies to be responsible for the materials they use. I support these ideas. But each and every one of us can take action by being more aware of what is going on inside of us. Ponder the times in which you consume to feel differently. . . when does that show up?

Most important, this is not an all-or-nothing subject. Each incremental step we take ripples out into the collective. If we go to the root of the source - our impulse to buy things so we feel something - change will occur much faster.

Zeal is showing there is a middle path with creating options of conscious consumption. There are companies all over the world stepping up to the plate. Recycled. Reused. Organic. Plastic-free. These powers combined will change the world.

Drop In, ripple out. We are co-creators of this shared world. We are powerful beyond measure. We are in this together. I look forward to continuing this path alongside you.

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