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Dropping In: Fire in the Sky

Summer is just around the corner. There is so much to enjoy this time of the year. One of my favorite gifts of this season in the Northern Hemisphere are the longer days. Having 70% of our sensory receptors located in our eyes there’s a lot more stimulation to enjoy. With over 12 hours of daylight, the possibilities begin to multiply!

Summer is a time that I feel deep gratitude for the sun. I believe it is easy in the world today to take this mysterious wonder for granted. A burning ball of gases 93,000,000 miles away from Earth. Pulling us through infinite space and time as we corkscrew around at a perfect distance.

The fact is, we can not fathom the sun's perfection. We can not fathom its existence. There are guesses, there are hypotheses, there are ideas, but the truth is we just get to sit in wonder. Every day we have the opportunity to look up in the sky and receive bountiful gifts. Everything we experience, everything we enjoy, would not be possible without it.

The ability to tap into joy, energy, gratitude, strength, and courage, exists just by looking up at this glowing orb. Next time you are outdoors in the sunshine- Close your eyes. Drop into your body. Feel the sunshine on your skin. Feel the subtle difference between where your skin is covered with clothing and where it is exposed. Bask in the warmth, the heat, the gentle kiss from its rays. Like a warm hug from millions of miles away. Just be there for a moment, drop-in. Open up to the magic and mystery that is every day on this planet earth. Think of how amazing it is that you get to enjoy your outdoor activity for that day.

We have the potential to be the masters of perception. We can hack the human experience to be more pleasurable, more sensational, and more enjoyable. It is training, just like getting better at our favorite sports. So train. Summer is here and with it longer days. Consciously set yourself up for success by getting more connected to what is going on inside of you. When you are outside, let the mystery, the adventure, the playfulness, draw you inward. Drop-In and soak in this abundance of life.

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