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world at facing our fears. No matter what you enjoy doing outdoors there is a certain amount of risk. It’s wild out in nature. There are fewer rules, fewer guidelines, and very often there is much less support for if and when things go wrong. It’s not that we are fearless, but we lean into the fear when it is felt. As a snowboarder some of my favorite times facing fears, digging deep for courage, come after I yell the words - “ Dropping! “

Last blog post I briefly shared with you the technique of how to direct your attention to the internal playground. The mind, the body, and emotional interpretation. I want to dive a little deeper into this post and get you dialed in for this technique. It can come across as a simple practice, but with consistency, it can unlock your greatest potential. This practice has changed my life. I teach and coach clients with this tool as a foundational piece of every process. I will be sharing a downloadable audio file so that you can easily follow along with some verbal guidance in your own time. I know how important convenience is these days. Especially for creating new habits.

My encouragement is to start utilizing this practice while you are out in nature. Start to drop in and connect with yourself while in your favorite places. You will be able to glean even more enjoyment and gratitude for the adventures you create in your life.

For this Dropping In practice, I focus on 3 specific details.

The mind.

The body.


Flexing the muscles of personal observation and awareness.

Without this practice the systems that keep us safe and alive end up running every aspect of our life. Which makes It easy to get stuck in outdated habits and patterns that no longer serve us. We have to be mindful of the ingredients that result in missing each moment always looking toward the future, not fully feeling the depth of the experiences that happen in each moment. A constant foggy distraction.

You check in with the mind to see where it is. Is it busy? Is it thinking about things that need to be done? Is it pondering on what is next, looking forward to the next delight? Or is it calm, quiet, and present? Can you feel the energy in your skull? Maybe there is pressure in your temples or the frontal lobe. What can you notice?

You check in with the body to feel sensation. Do I feel pain? Can I feel strength? Are there points where there is tingling energy? Maybe a pressure or weight. How is my posture? Where do I feel the most intense sensation within my body? Feel the lungs expanding. The air going in and out. How many sensations can I experience dropping into my body?

You check in with our emotions to become aware of your current interpretation of life. The layers to this practice alone can be focused for a lifetime and still have more space for growth. Our emotions are so complex as human beings and yet I judge we spend very little time paying close attention to them. At the end of the day good and bad are judgments of pleasurable and un-pleasurable. The truth is these judgments are malleable and through a deep connection to self we can become more in control of the interpretations. Am I happy? Do I feel fear, sadness, anger, or another emotion? What is present for me in this moment of dropping in?

DROPPING IN!!!!! Let the outdoors draw you inward. While out in nature connect with nature, and connect with yourself. We have some very blessed lives. Any new adventure, and step into the unknown, requires courage. So I am happy to be sharing with this courageous audience. On the edge of all comfort zones is fear and we have been training to push through our fears. Just like summiting a mountain, climbing a large rock face, riding down a technical hill, surfing a wave, we get better through practice. I encourage you to adopt this practice or any other practice that helps you journey inward. Thankful to Zeal Optics to give me a platform to connect with all of you amazing people. Enjoy the adventure, and DROP IN.

Photographer: Jordan Ingmire

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