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Cracking the codes of $$$

Many of us carry the belief that in order to make more money we need to -Work longer hours, obtain new certifications, know more people, side hustle, do more, do it faster, do it better.

Most people are focused only on the actions and do not realize there is so much more to look at in their relationship with money. 

In our last training we had people bring in over $200,000 of unexpected money. 

When they focused on changing their relationship with money. When their perceptions about money shifted, thousands of dollars came in effortlessly. 

Each of us are programmed with certain beliefs about money from an early age and those very beliefs impact how we relate with it every day.

We must create our future relationship with money. Design how we relate with it. 

How we make it, how much of it we can make, how easy it feels to make it, and how fulfilled we feel in the process of spending and earning it. 

Join us June 5th for our live coaching call.

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Joing the Money Talks LIVE

The Journey Begins $$

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Our Features

Overview of the Money Talks


Inner World

Your beliefs about money are a GOLD mine waiting for you to discover. Only when you find them can you begin to work with and transform the ones that no longer serve you. 

Work on what is going on inside and you change the money that can come in. 

Our state of being (our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions) dictates all of our actions.


Habits and Patterns

Most of us spend and earn money every single day. We start to look at our habits, or patterns, when it comes to spending and earning money. How do you think, act, and feel when you spend money? 

What patterns block you from taking direct action?

Where is your bottle neck to make more money and retain it for a longer amount of time?


Ability to build wealth

Like a piggy bank your body and mind can hold a certain amount of  financial capacity. Anything over that and you start spilling and leaking that money. (spending unconsciously, attracting unexpected bills, giving it to others) When we understand the depths of what it takes to have and hold money, we can start to increase our capacity. 


Creating a new relationship

When you change your relationship with money everything can change. More opportunities can appear. You will feel more confident in the ways you make money. 

You will know that money has been supporting you for as long as you can remember. Feeling freedom in your personal life and experiences. 

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Joing the Money Talks LIVE

The Journey Begins $$$

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