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Expanding your pleasure:
free training

Did you know that studies show mindfulness practices enhance sexual satisfaction in Men?

It helps them increase their body awareness and reduces performance anxiety.


This is because pleasure= sensations felt in the body, interpreted by the mind. Different sensations are enjoyable to each of us. 

The more our awareness is in our bodies, the more possibility for pleasure. 


Men commonly over think and are not fully experiencing their full range of sensations. We have been trained by a busy world to live predominantly through our thoughts, disconnected from our bodies. 

Men are rewarded for being great thinkers and problem solvers. 


In this free 7 day training you will learn to reconnect to your body and quiet the chaos of your thoughts so you can start to experience the full spectrum of pleasure, tailored to your unique desires. 


Learn 5 transformative exercises to enhance your body awareness and amplify pleasure, in and out of the bedroom.


Enter your email below and get immediate access. 

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