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Train with your -SEXUAL ENERGY-

For thousands of years Males have been indoctrinated to be afraid of their sexuality.
It has been connected to SIN and eternal damnation. 
Many men are demonized for a hormone that easily takes over our minds and bodies. 

Most men today lack guidance for how to direct their turn-on and passion into personal power. 

In this training you will work with sexuality and testosterone to create a life filled with more power by utilizing pleasure. 



How we relate with Sexual energy is directly linked to how we show up as men. 

  • Learn to harness and channel sexual energy in a constructive way, leading to increased vitality, creativity, and overall well-being.

  •  Feel more confident in your abilities, appearance, and sexual performance, enabling you to assertively pursue fulfilling relationships and experiences.

  • Gain a deeper understanding and connection to your masculinity and sexual energy.

  • Experience reduced anxiety and stress, leading to more courageous and fulfilling life choices.

Our Features

Cultivating SEXUAL POWER

Week 01

Week 02

Excavation and Discovery

Directing your attention.

Most men are very unaware of their sexual habits. Why they do what they do. In order to step into empowerment we have to become very curious about why we behave the way that we do. In week 1 this will be our practice. Starting to look objectively at yourself as a character you want to understand.

In order to move onto the more advanced training with Sexuality you have to be able to narrow your focus. You need to be able to quiet your mind. This develops from getting your repititions in. Attuning your awareness to subtler sensations in your body. Expanding your ability to feel and be with pleasure. 

Week 03

Activating Masculine POWER

Men that are not connected to their balls, their testosterone, or their cocks are not connected to their masculinity. We are here to create an intimate relationship with our manhood. From the testicles up. We utilize the focus of our attention to access all aspects of our MASCULINITY. 

Week 04

An Abundant Energy Source

When we start to work with sexuality outside of fantasy. Outside of the obsessive mind. We tap into it as an abundant source of energy. We learn how to breathe up this life-force rocket fuel from our balls, all the way to our creative minds. 

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-28 day group training-
In the privacy of your own home

Very little time required per day
Educational videos
Guided audio meditations
Questions and daily prompts

Flexibility to work with your schedule

We start August 1st $333

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