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For thousands of years Males have been indoctrinated to be ashamed of their sexuality.
It has been connected to SIN and eternal damnation. 
Many are demonized for a hormone that is designed to take over our minds and bodies. 

Men today lack guidance to turn their turn-on and passion into personal power. 

In this 28 day training you will work with sexuality and testosterone to create a life filled with more pleasure and power. 

You will access an abundant source of energy that you can utilize for everything that you want to create. 

4 weeks: Turn unconscious patterns into PERSONAL POWER!

1. Habits

Each week you will be given habits to incorporate on a daily basis. I will be observing your habit tracking to ensure you get the most out of this training. 

2. Focus

You will incorporate practices that sharpen your focus. To be a penetrative man you need to be able to focus your energy. You need to be attuned to subtle sensations.

3. Alignment

When we get our sexuality, our instinct, our emotions, and thoughts in alignment, we heal on a deep level and start creating with power. 

We transform from wounded boys into men.

4. Energize

Life-force energy is available to you at any moment. You can utilize sexuality as a rocket fuel to create the life you desire. Living turned on and harnessing that energy outside of the bedroom.



Over 25 years of listening to men's secrets.

"I have never told this to anyone."

I kept hearing this when men would talk about sex. And at the same time I learned some of the most viewed websites each month were porn.

I was starting to understand the depth of how important SEX is for men, and that most of us have nowhere we can learn and grow.

It impacts every aspect of our lives.

We need spaces to work with these energetics, these hormones.

I noticed how this was impacting my life.

I was playing small because of societies taboo judgements of sex. Not tapping into my potential.

I discovered that cultures all over the world have known SEX is a direct path to personal POWER and a connection to higher states of being. 

I now train men to use sexuality as a path to becoming the greatest version of themselves possible. 

Guarenteed satisfaction
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4 weeks of

1-on-1 guidance.

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Our Features


Week 01

Week 02

Excavation and Discovery

Directing your attention.

Most men are very unaware of their sexual habits. Why they do what they do. In order to step into empowerment we have to become very curious about why we behave the way that we do. In week 1 this will be our practice. Starting to look objectively at yourself as a character you want to understand.

In order to move onto the more advanced training with Sexuality you have to be able to narrow your focus. You need to be able to quiet your mind. This develops from getting your repititions in. Attuning your awareness to subtler sensations in your body. Expanding your ability to feel and be with pleasure. 

Week 03

Activating Masculine POWER

Men that are not connected to their balls, their testosterone, or their cocks are not connected to their masculinity. We are here to create an intimate relationship with our manhood. From the testicles up. We utilize the focus of our attention to access all aspects of our MASCULINITY. 

Week 04

An Abundant Energy Source

When we start to work with sexuality outside of fantasy. Outside of the obsessive mind. We tap into it as an abundant source of energy. We learn how to breathe up this life-force rocket fuel from our balls, all the way to our creative minds. 

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