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Find your MAN

Are you a woman that thinks it is incredibly hard to find a good man today?

How is it that we are more connected than ever before, and it is still this hard?

Do you experience seeing good looking guys every once and awhile but you don't often match with them?

Or do you go on countless dates but never feel that full HELL YES spark!?

You are not alone. 

Don't we all wish we were this happy while swiping on our phones?

For the last 5 years I have worked with women in different kinds of relationships. 
Single, divorced, partnered, married. 
I have been in spaces with predominantly women for years. 

And I continuously hear - "Ean, where are the good men?"

I often get asked this question because I have been working intimately with men for over 17 years. 
I have been guiding them through men's initiation retreats all over the country for 13 of those years.

I hear their secrets, their struggles, and what lights them up.

This photo is from the last weekend I attended in North Carolina. 
Dec 23 GCA NWTA_Group Photo_02.JPEG

I want to help you find the partner you desire.

Where every you are in life.

Maybe you are looking for the one.

Maybe you are looking for the one right now.

Maybe you are just looking for some great dates while you find yourself.

Whatever you are looking for I can support you.

You know why?

Because I know men. 

I know what they are looking for.

I know what makes them tick.

And most of all...

I know that you are more powerful than you can fathom. 

I know what is in the way and why you keep attracting the same guys into your life. 

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